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    FKW18-12/24/40.5 Outdoor HV AC Load Break Switch
    FKW18-12/24/40.5 outdoor AC high voltage load break switch is used in rated voltage 12/24/40.5kV, rated frequency 50/60Hz outdoor three-phase power system. The load break switch is composed of disconnect blade, arc extinguishing chamber and operation mechanism. It has advantages of simple structure, strong extinguishing arc ability, reliable performance, etc.
    Ambient conditions
    1. Altitude:≤3000m;
    2. Ambient temperature:-25℃~+40℃;
    3. Wind speed:≤35m/s;
    4. Pollution degree:≤IV;
    5. Earthquake intensity:≤8 degree;
    6. Ice thickness:≤10mm.

    Technical specification
    No. Item Unit Data
    1 Rated voltage kV 12 24 40.5
    2 Rated current A 630
    3 Rated power frequency Hz 50/60
    4 Rated peak withstand current kA 50
    5 Rated short-time withstand current kA 20
    6 Rated short-circuil duration s 4
    7 Rated active load breaking current A 630
    8 Rated loop breaking current A 630
    9 Rated cable charging current A 10
    10 5% rated active load breaking current A 31.5
    11 Rated power transformer breaking current A 1250
    12 Rated short-circuit making current kA 50
    13 Main loop resistance μΩ ≤90 ≤95 ≤95
    14 1min.power frequency
    withstand voltage
    Dry phase to phase, to earth kV 42 65 95
    across open contacts kV 49 79 115
    Wet phase to phase, to earth kV 30 63 85
    15 Lightning impulse
    withstand voltage(peak)
    phase to phase, to earth kV 75 125 185
    across open contacts kV 85 145 215
    16 Mechanical life Times 2000
    17 Three phase O/C asynchronous ms ≤5
    18 Voltage, power of motor V W ∽220 ≤200
    19 Closing direction deflexion of blade mm ≤2
    20 Main blade pressure N 420±42
    21 Rated operating moment Nm ≤300

    Structure feature
    FKW18-12/24/40.5 outdoor alternating current high voltage load break switch is composed of disconnect blade, arc extinguishing chamber and operating mechanism. Arc extinguishing chamber is made of insulating materials with merits of high electric performance, arc-endurance, high strength Built-in linking spring with fast acting mechanism to ensure breaking of load current effecting free from operating speed, fast or slow. The arcing gap and disconnecting gap of the load breaker switch is parollel in the course of opening and closing, so the arcing gap is only used to extinguish arc, no task for carrier current, simplifying arcing structure; however the disconnect gap only takes on task for carder cuffent and short-circuit closing,not participating in extinguishing arc, so simple in structure and long in lifetime In this way, the load break switch can be used as disconnect switch when don't consider the action of arcing gap,and with the action of arcing gap,the disconnect switch is changed into load break switch This load break switch adopts manual linking rod or motor operating mechanism to operate. and to lock up location of opening & closing There is visible gap of switch after opening to produce functions of isolating and protection The LBS could be mounted on pole outdoor, could suit for pollution with IV degree,horizontal or vertical installation, very convenient for setting cables outdoor with few maintenance and arc extinguishing chamber breaking load without maintenance for 100 times The A, B, C three-phase of the load breaker switch is in turn installed on one great sectional galvanized square steels base,joint together with one integrative drive axis inter-phase to ensure for closing & opening three poles synchronously. The blade of the switch uses press spring to assure enough connection pressu re to the contact, in this way, operation is convenient and the blade is stable, in the same time, the reliability of opening-closing ope ration is guaranteed The switch opens or closes under rated load current, not requires connecting secondary protection device.

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