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    ZW8-12 Type Outdoor HV AC Vacuum Circuit Breaker
    ZW8-12 type outdoor HV AC vacuum circuit breaker is used to make and break load current, overload current and short-circuit current in the power system with rated voltage 12kV, three-phase AC 50/60Hz. It is applicable to substations, industrial and mining enterprises, unban and rural electric power networks, especially to the occasions with frequent operation and automatic power distribution networks for power network control and equipment protection. It can be also used as a sectionalizing switch after equipped with a disconnect switch, thus the installation space and working hours can be saved more. The product conforms to the standards of IEC62271-100 & GB1984: AC high voltage circuit breaker, IEC60694 & GB/T11022: HV general technical requirement of switch and control apparatus.

    Ambient conditions
    1. Altitude: ≤3000m;
    2. Ambient temperature: -40℃~+40℃;diurnal temperature rang ≤25℃;
    3. Wind speed: ≤35m/s;
    4. Earthquake intensity: ≤grade 8;
    5. Relative humidity: monthly average ≤90%; daily average ≤95%;
    6. Ice thickness: ≤10mm
    7. Pollution degree: ≤Ⅳ(GB5582);
    8. Applicable occasions: no fire and explosion danger, no chemical corrosion and no frequent severe vibration


    Main function features
    1. The product can be equipped with an external isolator according to users’requirement;
    2. The operating mechanism equipped with an anti-trip device and counter can be convenient for the users to accurately know the operating life of the product;
    3. Iron or stainless steel body, manual or electric mechanism is available for free chioce;
    4. The product can be equipped with 3-sectional type anti-surge device and quick-breaking protection device;
    5. External PT and controller can realize automatic recloser function. Recolsing times can be set according to users’requirement;
    6. The product can be equipped with simple remote control device to realize remote operation;
    7. The product can be provided with metering tank to realize electricity consumption monitoring.

    Technical specification
    No. Item Unit Data
    1 Rated voltage kV 12
    2 Rated insulation
    1min P.F
    withstand voltage
    Dry test 42/48
    Wet test 34
    Lightning impulse withstand voltage(peak) 75/85
    3 Rated current A 630、1250
    4 Rated short-circuit breaking current kA 630、1250
    5 Rated operating sequence O-0.3s-CO-180s-CO
    6 Rated short-circuit breaking current times times 30
    7 Rated short-circuit making current(peak) kA 40 50 63
    8 Rated withstand current(peak) 40 50 63
    9 Rated short-time withstand current 16 20 25
    10 Rated short-circuit duration s 4
    11 Opening time
    (shunt trip)
    At max. operating voltage ms 15~50
    At rated operating voltage 15~50
    At min. operating voltage 30~16
    12 Closing time ms 25~50
    13 Complete breaking time ≤100
    14 Arcing time ≤50
    15 Mechanical life times 10000
    16 Rated operating voltage and rated auxiliary loop current V DC 220/AC 220
    17 Contact gap mm 11±1
    18 Contact over-travel 3±1
    19 Average opening speed m/s 1.0±0.2
    20 Average closing speed 0.7±0.15
    21 Contact close-bouncing time ms ≤2
    22 Three-phase opening / colsing non- simultaneity ≤2
    23 Resistance for each phase loop μΩ ≤150(200 with isolator)
    24 Net weight Manual type kg 152(180 with isolator)
    Electric type 162(190 with isolator)

    Outline and installation dimension
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